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George Washington Carver by Andrew
Louis Armstrong by Ashton
Civil Rights by Bita
Civil War by David
Fannie Lou Hamer by Jeff
Maya Angelou by Maddie
Jim Crow by Isaac A.
Louis Armstrong by Griffin
Bass Reeves by Andrew L
Louis Armstrong by Kierra
Barack Obama by Kany
Hip Hop and Rap byJulian
Oprah Winfrey by Emily
Martin Luther King Jr. by Richard
martin Luther King by Harman

Black History Month

Malcolm X by Alex
Barack Obama by Ryan K.
Martin Luther King Jr. by Oleg
Oprah Winfrey by Katrin
Martin Luther King Jr. by Madison
Motown by Gabriel
Hip Hop by Cameron
Civil Rights by Anthony I.
Martin LutherKing Jr. by Tessa
Frederick Douglas by Roman
Barack Obama by Ryan M.
Oprah Winfrey by Julien
Frannie Lou Hamer by Juany
Muhammad Ali by Josh A.
Martin Luther King Jr. by Jaden
Jacki Robinson by J'Amoura
Civil War Causes by Isaac H.
Juneteenth by Dianne
Jazz by Brianna
Civil Rights by Zierra
Malcolm X by Sarai
Jackie Robinson by Jessica
George Washington Carver by Fabio
Jim Crow by Alfie
Civil War by Anthony P.