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Worlds Finest Chocolate Sale and Fundraiser

The Friends of Laurel

World’s Finest Chocolate Sale & Fundraiser

                                                             August 28th to September 11th, 2017


The Friends of Laurel Booster Club is bringing back its very popular Chocolate Bar Fundraiser.  Participation in the sale is voluntary, but lots of fun and easy.  No only do these chocolate bars sell themselves, they tend to eat themselves, too.  As before, all chocolate bars are just $1 each, and 50% of net proceeds come back to be spent on programs for students at Laurel.  Prior sales have generated thousands of dollars making Laurel a better place.

            As well as helping the school, the three students with the highest sales over the two-week period will win exciting prizes:

                                    1st Prize                 $100 Gift Card

                              2nd Prize               Razor Scooter

                              3rd Prize                $30 Movie Passes (gift card)

          We encourage parents to feel free to help their children sell candy bars to family and friends.  No advance orders are required, and each candy bar is only $1.  For safety, we ask that students do no sell candy bars door-to-door nor to anyone they or their parents don’t know.  We require a permission slip signed by a parent/guardian from all students to participate.

            Upon return of the signed permission slip, each student may pick up 15 chocolate bars at a time.  Adults who want to help their children may pick up a full box (60 bars) of chocolate bars in person at a time.  More bars may be picked up after the money is returned from the first bars handed out.  Cash and checks are accepted; please make checks out to “The Friends of Laurel, Inc.”

            Chocolate bars may be picked up and money turned in ONLY AFTER SCHOOL each day beginning about five minutes after dismissal starting Monday, August 28th.    We expect to be handling sales every day after school near the lunch area until September 11th.  If you have any questions, please direct them to Elizabeth Sites, FOL President, at (818-)415-5514 or email  Thanks for your participation!


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I give permission for my child to pick up 15 chocolate bars to participate in fundraiser


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